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WE International is here to serve as a connecting link for people who have gone through a tremendous personal transformation and anyone interested in the phenomenon of such transformation. Your journey, while in body, on this planet evolves with each thought, experience and perception. Some of us are Walk-Ins, some are Born-Ins. This is a safe place to share your thoughts, your stories and to find community.

WE's purpose is to assist Earth Walk In Evolution by providing a place for people of all walks of life who value greater awareness of who they are and choose to respect one another's truths.

WE honor your courage to be here in a body entering into this human experience and hope to enrich your journey. May your truth strengthen your alignment to Divinity revealing greater clarity and access to all that you need as your soul's choice of purpose here evolves to the requirements and delights of Now!  May our sharing of perspectives open us to illumination and Remembrance of the bigger Us.


Ranoli will be speaking at the 2012 Walk-in and Star Seed Summit in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, September 14 ~ 16, 2012.

Click here to visit the Blue Star Speaks website for more information.

Welcome! About WE

We welcome you to the Walk-In Evolution web site, and invite you to explore the information that is available within it.

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Although many of the associates of WE International are 'walk-ins', there are many who are not -- it makes no difference. WE International is dedicated to providing support for walk-ins and others who are undergoing related transitions in consciousness.

By joining WE International and participating in our conference calls and tele-classes, many have come into a deeper understanding of the nature of their own beingness and their soul's purpose. WE feels it's not important how you arrived on planet Earth, you are here, now, what will you do with the experience? WE recognizes that there are many paths Home and what resonates as Heaven for one person may repel or even offend another. A person's truth and belief's are held to so strongly that when there is discussion of a different perspective, many people feel that their own value has been called into question. This is most often true for those who are still a bit shaky in trusting their own truth, possibly newly noticed notions of how universes function and their own place within life. As WE evolve, all become more confident in who they are, so that when a person disagrees with them, all is well, rather than rocking the core of their very existence.

 WE believe that it is the very sharing of the various nuances of our realities that brings us the awareness and connection to thrive!!

 For WE then notice unity within diversity and harmonize!

Founded by Liz Nelson in 1993, WE has grown into a dynamic organization, with associates throughout the world.

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